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Physical Address: 215 West 25th Street | Richmond, Virginia 23223

Mailing address: 813 West Nine Mile Road | Highland Springs, VA 23075

Phone: 804-737-8028
Email: [email protected]

Emergency phone (804) 402-1221 (Call 24/7 if someone is dying or has died and you need a priest). If you are anticipating surgery, please alert the priests beforehand so we can determine if you need to be anointed.

If you wish to register, please print the PARISH REGISTRATION FORM fill it out and send it to us either by mail, email [email protected] or just drop it at the church on Sunday.

Staff Contact Information:

Pastor, Very Reverend Brian W. Capuano, VJ, canc.:

Parochial Vicar, Reverend Nicholas E. Redmond: [email protected]

Pastoral Associate & Director of Religious Education, Paulita Matheny: [email protected]

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